Cooky McClung


I don’t want much for Christmas, don’t
spend a lot on me.

I know that money’s tight just now with
this economy.

The only thing I want this Yule is a pony
…horse…or cob.

A bay, or black or brown one, any color’d
do the job.


 Not off the track or from a barn with sleek
and fancy stuff.

I’d settle for a plain old hack that looks a
little rough.

But please make sure he’ll foxhunt…and
jump the very best.

So when the field is on the run he’ll keep
up with the rest.


And, if you please, one that can show…
just locally, of course.

Perhaps a little Medal-Maclay or equita-
tion horse.

Of course, I wouldn’t really mind if  I
found that you had sent,

A horse to hunt and show and hack, and
perhaps three-day event.


And then I’ll need a saddle, of English,
French or German fame,

With a matching bridle and a brass plate on
which to put his name.

I’ll need a pair of clippers, too, to trim him
front and back,

So he won’t catch a cold or be mistaken
for a Yak.


And then I’ll need a blanket, a cooler, rug
and sheet,

So he will have some clothes to wear in
winter or  the heat.

If you could, in my stocking put, hoof
dressing and a pick,

Some worm and colic medicine, in case he
might get sick.

A brush, a comb, a curry…some sham-
poo for mane and tail.

A leadshank and a halter, a feed tub and a

And in the toe could you please stuff a ton
of straw and hay,

And stop your sled for 100 pounds of oats
along the way.


And do you think, Jolly Old Man, that
with a little luck,

You could fit in a two-horse trailer and a
matching pick-up truck?

Oh…one more thing, dear Santa Clause,
but only if you’re able,

Could you also bring along with this, ten
acres and a stable?